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In Crusader Kings 3, players will have to make the best possible choices to make sure that their dynasty will reign supreme. Some of these choices also involve what you will build in your territories.

There are many buildings available at the start of the game, and all the bonuses you can get sound good. However, what is the best choice?

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Is it better to have incredibly overpowered men-at-arms or the best economy in the world?

Well, in this guide, we will tell you exactly which buildings are the best to build in Crusader Kings 3 and why.

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  • Best Buildings to Build in Crusader Kings 3
  • Best Duchy Building in Crusader Kings 3

Best Buildings to Build in Crusader Kings 3

All county capitals will have space for 4 buildings in CK3. If they are also the capital county of a duchy, they will also get a duchy building.

We will first talk about the best choices for the 4 slots in your capital barony. In CK3, you can get many bonuses from buildings.

However, the most important thing they can provide is Gold. If you have money then you can afford a lot of men-at-arms, which are a lot better than normal levies.

Yes, there are buildings that give men-at-arms buffs, but those won’t be necessary if you can afford to get the maximum number of troops.

You should also avoid buildings that provide levies as their main bonus. Levies are not the most important resource in the game. They are the weakest troops you can get.

Since you will get a lot of levies by just conquering lands and building castles, but you can buy men-at-arms and mercenaries with Gold.

So, let’s see the best buildings in CK3 that can bring you the most amount of Gold:

Manor Houses

In farmlands, players can build Manor Houses. This amazing building will give you 0.7 Gold monthly at level 1 and only requires 200 Gold to build.

Taking this into consideration, the number of years the Manor Houses would be able to pay their investment would be 24 years.

There are only two more buildings that can pay their investment in such a short time, but it is the best one when it comes to the flat amount of Gold that it will give.

At the maximum level, Manor Houses also provide +5% Development growth and +2% taxes in the county. In a large county with a lot of holdings, this bonus can be amazing.

Every time you get the chance to build something, and Manor Houses are available, make sure to get it.

Farms & Fields

Farms & Fields is the obvious choice in most provinces if you want to make money in CK3. This building only costs 150 Gold and will give you 0.5 monthly at level 1.

The initial investment can be paid off in 25 years, and it is also available in farmlands, drylands, plains, and floodplains.

At maximum levels, it offers similar buffs to the Manor Houses. So, in a farmland barony, building both the Manor Houses and Farms & Fields will get you incredible monetary gains.

Hill Farms, Forestry, and Wetland Farms

Each one of these buildings is available in special terrains that don’t have access to Manor Houses and Farms & Fields.

You can get the Hill Farms in hill baronies, Forestry in forests, jungles, and taigas, and Wetland Farms in wetlands.

We placed them all together since they all offer the same amount of money and they cost the same amount of Gold per level.

The bonuses at the maximum levels are a bit different, but what matters is that if you have your capital in a territory with any terrain besides farmlands, you will probably have to get one of these buildings.

To build one of these buildings in CK3, you will need 100 Gold, and you will get 0.35 money monthly. Your initial investment will be paid in full after 24 years.


The last really important building that you should get every time in CK3 is the Tradeport. The income from this building is really good, but the best part about it is the Development growth.

At the max level, a Tradeport will increase your Development growth by 40%. At level 1, you will also get 0.35 Gold monthly and +5% Development growth.

Best Military Buildings in CK3

Unfortunately, most military buildings in CK3 aren’t incredible. Most of them will increase levies, which isn’t a priority.

However, there are some special buildings in territories that would normally be really bad which are incredible:

  • Camelry
  • Elephantry

These two buildings will, first of all, make your camel riders or elephant cavalry extremely powerful. But, the real reason we are getting these is for the bonus knights.

Knights are the most powerful troops in CK3. They can single-handedly defeat armies if they have high prowess.

Evolving any one of these two buildings to the maximum level will get you +4 knights, which is incredibly powerful.

Elephantry is available in the jungle, while Camelry can be built in the desert, desert mountains, floodplains, and oases.

Best Duchy Building in Crusader Kings 3

Another important building for your kingdom in CK3 is the duchy building. You can only build one and will have major impacts on all the counties in the duchy.

Duchy buildings are very precise in their bonuses, which means that you will usually get the one that helps you the most in your circ*mstances.

However, if you want to know which ones will give you the best advantages in general, then you are in the right place. Here are the best duchy buildings in CK3:

Military Academies

The Military Academies will give you an amazing advantage over the other rulers of the world: knights. Not only will you get a lot of knights, but you will also increase their effectiveness.

At the maximum level, Military Academies will give you 6 extra knights, +75 knight effectiveness, and -5% army maintenance costs.

Though you can say that this building doesn’t necessarily improve the duchy itself, it will improve your realm overall.

This duchy building is the best military building in the game by far, and it will allow you to get the most qualitative army in CK3.

Royal Reserves

Do you want even more money and development? Then get the Royal Reserves. Development is the best way to improve your country in the long term.

With the help of the Royal Reserves duchy building, your kingdom will improve its Development growth by at least 10%.

At level 3, the Royal Reserve will get you +30% Development growth in the duchy, +15 popular opinion, and +1.4 monthly Gold.

If you care a lot about being an economic powerhouse, then the Royal Reserves should be your first choice for a duchy building in every playthrough.

That’s everything you need to know about the best buildings to build in Crusader Kings 3!

Have any input or suggestions for this guide? Let us know in the comment section below.

Crusader Kings 3 - What Are the Best Buildings to Build - Gamer Empire (2024)
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