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Infertility impacts one in six people worldwide. However, navigating infertility can be an undeniably difficult and emotional journey. With multiple fertility clinics, choosing the right one can further add layers of overwhelm and stress.

At TRIO, our caring and compassionate professionals are here to help and ensure you aren’t alone in the process. In this article, we explore how to choose a fertility clinic that matches your unique needs and situation. What should you know beforehand? How should you go about conducting your research? Below, we answer these questions and more.

Understand Your Fertility Needs

Understanding your fertility needs can help narrow down your search. Before exploring your options, consider the following.

  • Location: Fertility treatments often require multiple and frequent visits, so you’ll want to plan accordingly. Choose a clinic with a convenient and accessible location. If you live outside the primary location, ask if they have satellite clinics where you can be monitored closer to home. If you intend on travelling out of town, consider travel expenses and/or time off work.
  • Reputation and Experience: Selecting a clinic with an experienced team and a good reputation can make all the difference. TRIO is the proud winner of the , recognized by Fertility Matters Canada. At TRIO, our compassionate and caring team is the largest in-house team in Canada, consisting of fertility physicians, naturopaths, nurses, and more.
  • Technology and Laboratory Standards: Quality lab standards ensure the right environment for embryo development. With the most experienced laboratory in the country, TRIO’s doctors are at the forefront of worldwide clinical research and innovations and are dedicated to helping you achieve your dreams of having a family. Our IVF lab, in particular, uses state-of-the-art technology, offering our patients the best chances possible.
  • Financial Considerations: Fertility treatments, including IVF and IUI, can be expensive. Thus, it can be beneficial to explore what your insurance may cover and what your exact budget is. When exploring different clinic options, you can then determine if their pricing or financial programs make sense for you and your life. At TRIO, we offer certain financing plans to help each individual, couple, or family achieve their goals. Our Financial Coordinator, Kaileen Alvernini, also works closely with you and other team members to ensure you’re supported and know your financial options every step of the way.
  • Specialties: Certain clinics specialize in specific fertility treatment and conditions. For instance, TRIO offers specialty programs, including the Recurrent Pregnancy Loss (RPL) programand the
  • Emotional and Mental Health Support: Infertility can be an emotionally draining process. Thus, it can help to select a clinic that offers in-house support and compassionate care every step of the way. For example, TRIO has private online support groups moderated by our fertility counsellors where patients can provide and receive support from others going through similar journeys. We are one of the few clinics in Canada to offer a specific Trauma Informed Fertility Care (TIFC) Program.

Reflect on the above and your individual requirements. From here, you can begin exploring potential clinic options that match your fertility needs.

Research Potential Fertility Clinics

A great starting point for your research is asking your doctor or OB/GYN if they have any referrals. In addition to this, friends and family might also be great resources as they can vouch for their personal experience.

Once you’ve narrowed down a few clinics, the next step is to meet with a doctor or nurse to determine if they’re a good match. Considering this can be an emotionally taxing process, finding a team of healthcare professionals that you feel comfortable with and that have good bedside manners can be incredibly important.

10 Questions To Ask A Fertility Clinic

During your initial consultation with the doctor or nurse, come prepared with questions. Examples of questions you may wish to ask the fertility clinics you speak with include:

1. How long has the clinic been established?

Selecting a clinic with years of experience, like TRIO, can ensure you receive care from expert professionals.

2. What fertility treatment options does the clinic offer?

This is critical to ensuring that the clinic you choose is right for you and understands your treatment needs. For instance, TRIO offers IUI, IVF, sperm factor infertility treatment, Treatments for 2SLGBTQIA+, egg freezing, and more. Understand the services of each clinic on your shortlist; this can further narrow down your options.

3. How qualified and experienced are the embryology staff?

Are the doctors board-certified reproductive endocrinologists? Do they have the credentials to back up their claims? The truth is many practices can use the term “fertility specialist” without specific credentials. Thus, it’s always a good idea to check.

4. How much will the treatment cost?

Knowing the costs of the treatment and medications upfront can help avoid any surprises and allow you to plan your finances, insurance, and budgets accordingly. At TRIO, we further have access to government-funded IVF cycles; our team members can guide you through this process and help you determine if you’re eligible for this type of funding.

5. Does the clinic offer emotional support or mental health referrals?

As mentioned above, the entire infertility process can be mentally taxing. It can help to have the support of trained professionals, especially ones referred to you by your fertility team. At TRIO, we strive to support you every step of the way. Our team consists of compassionate fertility counsellors to help you navigate this difficult time.

6. Are there any age limits for the treatments offered?

Different clinics may have different age limits for treatments based on their assessment of the risks and benefits, which affects who is eligible for treatment. Knowing these limits helps determine if a particular clinic is an option for you.

7. How many physicians or nurses does the clinic or practice have?

You may want to consider single providers compared to multiple providers. Larger multiple-provider practices, like TRIO, are more likely to have fewer wait times, as well as a diverse range of resources and support staff. Meanwhile, single providers may be harder to get appointments with and not have the vast support team provided by multiple-provider clinics. At TRIO, our multi-provider practice allows our doctors to consult with one another regarding each other’s cases; this ensures you get the comprehensive treatment you need and deserve.

8. Does the clinic perform any fertility or embryo and/or genetic screening testing?

Asking about fertility or genetic screening at a clinic helps evaluate their capabilities in identifying potential genetic disorders and enhancing the success rate of IVF by selecting the healthiest embryos. It also indicates how advanced a clinic is in terms of technology and personalized care, ensuring you receive the most comprehensive treatment options available. At TRIO, we consider ourselves an early adopter clinic, offering the newest testing and treatments to our patients. This ensures our patients receive the care and options they deserve.

Why Choose TRIO?

Catering to an inclusive and diverse array of patients, TRIO is proud to have the largest in-house medical team in Canada and the most experienced IVF laboratory in the country. Our extensive satellite network further makes treatment convenient and accessible for patients living outside of Toronto.

With OHIP-funded cycles available to eligible patients, our caring team is here to support you every step of the way. At TRIO, you gain access to the top fertility specialists in Canada, and together, we can help determine the best path forward, helping you achieve the family of your dreams. Schedule a call with a TRIO Care Navigator today!

How To Choose A Fertility Clinic - TRIO Fertility (2024)
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